Excellent protection and performance in a variety of applications and across a broad range of industries.

Wide Range of Applications

AMP is a manufacturer of rubber gloves in Malaysia. We have our in-house brand, named Medi Touch Gloves. We specialize in producing all types of Latex, Nitrile & Vinly disposable gloves. It includes Medi Touch Examination Glove, Medi Touch Surgical Glove, Medi Touch Household Glove, Medi Touch Industrial Glove and Medi Touch Cleanroom Gloves. Medi Touch Glove are premium grade rubber gloves for wide variety used, from household use, heavy industry used, cleanroom used to medical usage.

We are the official distributors of Medi Touch Glove in Malaysia. We also have our dealer to assist us to bring our Medi Touch Gloves to other states and countries, to make sure everyone can use our Medi Touch Gloves in their daily use or industrial use.

If you are interested in becoming our Medi Touch Gloves distributor, feel free to contact us to know more about our Medi Touch Gloves.

Lab Use
General Cleaning