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Welcome to Ascent Medical Product (AMP) -MediTouch Gloves Manufacturer in Malaysia.

AMP manufactured a homebrand glove named Medi Touch Gloves. We are a rubber glove manufacturer which specializes in producing all types of Latex, Nitrile & Vinly disposable gloves. It includes Medi Touch Examination Glove, Medi Touch Surgical Glove, Medi Touch Household Glove, Medi Touch Industrial Glove and Medi Touch Cleanroom Gloves. Medi Touch Glove are premium grade rubber gloves for wide variety used, from gardening, household and general use. Our gloves can be used for different industries which include retail, medical and food handling and others. We serve both local and international customers. Our Company are totally committed to quality and consistently delivering only the highest quality products.

Medi Touch Gloves, can meet your needs and requirements. Contact us to know more about Medi Touch Gloves.

  • Customization of the packaging
  • Excellent quality Medi Touch gloves at very competitive price
  • LCL and mix container services
  • Work closely with our customers
  • Aim to build trust and loyalty

Vision Mission

Our Vision:

Positive Influence

Whether we are stakeholders, patients, employees or industry-partners, AMP is convinced wholeheartedly in our ability to improve lives, save lives and impacting lives positively.

Our Mission:

  • To apply professional excellence in the operations of a premier ambulatory care centre, guided by international standards.
  • To exceed clients’ and patients’ expectations by the provision of ethical customer service in a comforting and caring environment.
  • To recognise every staff member as a valued partner who plays an important role in sustainable growth and profitability, towards the success of the centre.
  • To contribute positively to the wellness of the community that we service, through activities that promotes healthy living and prevention of environment abuse.

Reasons to choose us

High Quality

AMP supplies high quality rubber gloves (Medi Touch Gloves) which follow International standard. Our product quality is consistent and this is the main reason that we can maintain our reputation and grow in this market.

Certified For Medical Used

AMP cares about product quality and produces Medi Touch Gloves according to Good Manufacturing Practice and Standards, such as… certificate in order to let our customers have confidence in MediTouch.

Fit your requirement

AMP tries the best to fulfil customer requirements through our available products or develop new range.

Our Products

Cleanroom Gloves

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Heavy Duty Gloves

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Latex Glove

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Long Gloves (12 Inches)

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Medical Usage Gloves

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Industrial Nitrile Gloves

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Vinyl Glove

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